Patrick Hall - Charleston based Wedding Photographer



  On top of being a full time wedding photographer, I'm also the creator of a photography based blog called  Since launching Fstoppers back in 2010, it has quickly become one of the top 10 photography blogs online with over 3 million readers each month!  If you enjoy watching behind the scenes videos of photoshoots or just find photography interesting, definitely check out the site.  

    Fstoppers has allowed me to do some pretty incredible things in other fields of photography.  Over the last few years I've produced a behind the scenes video featuring Bon Jovi's tour photographer David Bergman, shadowed the top Sport Illustrated photographers during the 2012 BSC College Football Championship Game, become friends with Discovery Channel photographer Blair Bunting, and even produced a full length tutorial DVD with the world's best headshot photographer Peter Hurley.

    Giving back to the photo community has been a big part of what has made Fstoppers so successful.  In 2013, Lee Morris and I will be releasing a full length HD tutorial on all things wedding photography.  Basically we are sharing everything we know about the field of photography we love so much.   I've been fortunate to watch some of the top photographers work and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with those just getting started.